Commander's Intent and Guidance
3d Landing Support Battalion Commander

3D landing support battalion


how we win!

3d Landing Support Battalion supports III MEF for ship-to-shore movement during amphibious operations, port and terminal operations, and during subsequent operations ashore in order to facilitate throughput of supplies, equipment, and personnel for sustainment via air, ground, and sea.

Commander's Intent

          READY... have the skill set to sharpen your mind, body, and spirit through hard, realistic preparation

WILLING... have the mind be first and lead others; someone always has your back ABLE... have the tool set to achieve and excel


3d Landing Support Battalion exists to serve. On the beach or on the LZ...under enemy fire, at night, wet, tired, and hurt...we are ready, willing, and able to support and sustain Marines and Sailors to accomplish the mission.



Line of Effort 1: TEAM Building

Line of Effort 2: Combat Readiness

Line of Effort 3: Professional Warrior Development

End state     What Success Looks Like!

Formations that are ready to Fight Tonight

Formations that communicate, shoot, and move on Commander's Intent

              Formations that are enabled by programs and processes that enable us to Fight Tonight

         Marines & Sailors that thrive through chaos, crisis, and adversity

              Positive engaged leadership

              Proactive capability based planning

Iron Laws

  1. Maintain Unity of Effort...a clearly identified goal and path to get there...for everything we do
  2. Center Mass. Spend your time where you have the most impact
  3. Protect the TEAM

Guiding Principles


 1.Challenge yourself and each other daily

  2. Be lethal survivable relevant

 3. Have Fun & Laugh!