9th Engineer Support Battalion
9th Engineer Support Battalion page under Combat Logistics Regiment 35 page for 3d Marine Logistics Group (III MEF)

9th ESB Leaders

Battalion Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Colonel Paul B. Bock


Battalion Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major David M. Potter


Request Mast









Section  DSN  Commercial
 OOD  315-623-4242  81-80-8372-8026
 S-1  315-623-4244  81-98-969-4424
 S-2  315-623-7726  81-98-969-7726
 S-3  315-623-4728  81-98-969-4728
 S-4  315-623-4468  81-98-969-4468
 S-6  315-623-4340  81-98-969-4340
 FRO  315-623-4289   81-98-969-4289
 CHAPLAIN  315-623-4543


 Voting Officer
(1stLt Batye)


Unit Mailing Address

9th ESB, 3d MLG

Unit 38430

FPO AP 96385-8430

Provide general engineer support of an expeditionary nature to the Marine Air Ground Task Force including mobility, counter-mobility, survivability, engineer reconnaissance, tactical utilities, bulk water production & storage, bulk fuel storage, and explosive ordnance disposal.  Be prepared to support missions exceeding the organic capabilities of the Division and Wing engineers.