Combat Logistics Regiment 3
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3rd Marine Logistics Group
Provides direct support logistics to 3rd MarDiv and general transportation support to elements of III MEF's area of responsibility. Be prepared to provide a task-organized logistics combat element in support of III MEF's Alert Contingency MAGTF.

Combat Logistics Regiment 3 Leaders

Colonel Jason Berg
Commanding Officer, Combat Logistics Regiment 3

In April 2002, Colonel Berg returned to MCRD Parris Island, serving as Series Commander, Company I and Company Commander, Company L before being assigned as Battalion Operations Officer, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion.  During this tour, he earned the AMOS 8563, Marine Combat Instructor of Water Survival and attended Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape school in Brunswick, Maine.  Concurrently, he graduated from Amphibious Warfare School (DEP).

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Sergeant Major Ruben Soto
Sergeant Major, Combat Logistics Regiment 3

In October Of 2012 Gunnery Sergeant Soto received orders to Marine Air Support Squadron 3 (MASS-3), Marine Air Control Group 38 (MACG-38), 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (3rd MAW) to serve as the squadron motor transport operations chief and headquarters company first sergeant. While at MASS-3 he deployed in support of OEF 14.1, was selected to the rank of first sergeant, frocked in April of 2015 and transferred to 2d Combat Engineer Battalion where he served as the Charlie Company First Sergeant and Mobility Assault Company, 2d Combat Engineer Battalion.

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We want to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who is relocating to Okinawa! Okinawa is a fabulous place to be assigned to and we want to ensure your tour starts off right by providing every possible resource to ensure your relocation to Okinawa is as easy as possible.

Want to learn more about where to shop, eat and play in Okinawa? Looking for transportation schedules for the Green Line and the off-base bus system? Download MCCS Okinawa Liberty App as it provides this and much, much more on what is available on Okinawa.

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Welcome to the Combat Logistics Regiment 3 WORKHORSE Family!

Konnichiwa and hajimemashite! Hello and nice to meet you!

My name is Sonya Leong, the Deployment Readiness Coordinator (formerly known as the FRO) for Combat Logistics Regiment 3 (CLR-3) and its subordinate commands, 3D Landing Support Battalion (3D LSB), 3D Transportation Battalion (3D TB), and Combat Logistics Battalion 4 (CLB-4). I’m very happy to be a part of this fantastic unit and to have the opportunity to serve as the DRC. I have been a Marine spouse for 15 years and was an Air Force brat prior to that. Being a part of the military community is special but can also prove to be
challenging, which is where my job comes in. I work to materialize the Commanding Officer’s vision of their Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP.) The goal of the UPFRP is to dispense timely and accurate Official Command Communication; provide Information, Resource and Referral Services; deliver Readiness and Deployment Support; and lastly oversee volunteer Management. All of this is furnished to enhance our Marine’s or Sailor’s personal and family readiness.

As the DRC, one of my roles is to act as a liaison between families and the command by facilitating two-way communication. Additionally, I facilitate referrals to community resources provided through the Department of Defense, Marine Corps Community Services, and other sister organizations. In the event of a deployment, I provide pre-, mid-, and post-deployment support in the form of passing information, organizing workshops, and offering support services to help ease the burden placed on families. I also aid in the planning of unit events that serve as morale boosters and encourage unit comradery, such as family days and holiday parties. Having detailed my role as the DRC, I would like to ask for your participation in the UPFRP. The UPFRP Team realizes that the program cannot thrive to its greatest potential without the support of the Marines, Sailors, and their families. Please know that any input or ideas you may have for the program are valued and very
much appreciated. In addition, we welcome volunteers to assist in any capacity, whether as an officially appointed Advisor or Assistant, or as a periodic extra set of hands. You are encouraged to get involved to help build vibrant CLR-3, 3D TB, 3D LSB, and CLB-4 communities!
The UPFRP team also includes Uniformed Readiness Coordinators (URCs) who are active-duty Marines within each unit, the Chaplain, Military Family Life Counselors, and the Embedded Behavioral Health and Prevention Capability Specialist. We are all available to provide support to CLR-3 Marines, Sailors, and families. I have an open door policy so feel free to contact me or stop by my office located at Godfrey Hall, Bldg. 5713, room 118 on Camp Foster. Semper Paratus!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, Kindly,

Sonya Leong
Deployment Readiness Coordinator (DRC)
Supporting CLR-3, 3d TB, 3d LSB, and CLB-4
Office DSN: 645-7420 or from a cell phone 098-970-7420
Cell phone: 070-7890-2418

"Taking Care of Our Most Important Resource"


To provide the most responsive, caring and professional support to all 3d MLG family members thereby increasing both family and warfighting readiness.


The goal of personal and family readiness programs is to provide resource information and training in addition to support services to enhance a service member’s personal and family readiness. A service member must ensure their personal and family affairs are in order so that they will remain fully focused on the mission, whether in garrison or in combat. A ready service member and their family:

  • Are prepared for family separations and life events
  • Understand the additional responsibilities that will fall on the family when the service member departs
  • Are knowledgeable of and able to utilize information about benefits, entitlements, programs, and services provided through the Department of Defense, the Marine Corps, and the community

  • Are knowledgeable of command structure and resources available to assist and contribute to personal and family readiness goals


To educate, train, and prepare service members and families to achieve and maintain a high state of personal readiness and resiliency in response to life’s events by providing information, tools, resources and support to empower them to take care of themselves.



MCO 5354.1F updates Marine Corps policy, procedures, and responsibilities for preventing and responding to prohibited conduct involving sexual harassment, prohibited discrimination, harassment, hazing, bullying, dissident and protest activities, and wrongful distribution or broadcasting of intimate images.

Commander's Intent

Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) is a function of command. Marine Corps leaders must ensure their people are well-led and cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually, in and out of combat. “Taking care of Marines” means vigorously enforcing our high standards of performance and conduct. We will hold each other accountable and address violations expeditiously, at the lowest appropriate level.

The responsibility of a successful MEO program rests with the commander. Commanders have earned special trust and confidence and are accountable for all of their decisions, actions, and inactions. The Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) prevention and response measures provide commanders the discretion to assess, investigate, and take corrective action to ensure unit cohesion and warfighting effectiveness.

Marine Corps small unit leaders, company-grade officers and mid-grade staff noncommissioned officers (SNCOs) have experience, maturity, and close daily connection to our most junior Marines. These leaders are in the best position to lead, educate, train, supervise, and instill our high standards.


Prohibited discriminatory and harassment practices within the Marine Corps are counter-productive, unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. The Marine Corps will maintain a culture of dignity, care, and concern in which all members of the organization are afforded equal treatment and opportunity to achieve their full potential based upon individual merit, fitness, intellect, and ability. All Service members will cultivate an environment free from PAC. PAC undermine morale, reduce combat readiness, and prevent maximum utilization and development of the Marine Corps’ most vital asset: its people.

PAC Complaint 

You can report through your 

 1. Chain of Command

     The Chain of Command is the primary and preferred channel to prevent and respond to complaints of PAC. Use of the chain of command to address PAC exemplifies trust in leadership to quickly and effectively address violations of our standards.

 2. Equal Opportunity Representative (EOR) 

     The EOR is an authorized source within the command to receive complaints on behalf of the commander. EORs are appointed by their commander.

3. Equal Opportunity Advisor 

For more information regarding equal opportunities for Marines and Sailors with Combat Logistics Regiment 3 please contact:

Gunnery Sergeant Iris Bays

Equal Opportunity Advisor

Combat Logistics Regiment 3

Bldg 5687 Rm 112

DSN: 315-645-4407

Useful Documents

PAC Flowchart 

Complaint Form 

The complaint form can be utilized for any of the above reporting avenues.

Prohibited Activities and Conduct Prevention and Response Toolkit can be located at the following link

Marine Corps Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) Prevention and Response Policy


Calling from Overseas?


IN JAPAN (recommended)


Call 00800 1273 8255 or DSN 118


Call 080-855-5118 or DSN 118


Call 00 1 800 273 8255 or DSN 111


Dial #MYVA or 02-8550-3888 and press 7

Text Option:  838255

Chat Option

Service Members overseas may contact the crisis lifeline via the chat modality at




The 988 expansion directly addressed the need for ease of access and clarity in times of crisis, both for Veterans and non-Veterans alike.


Veterans Crisis Line responders are continuing to support Veterans, service members, and their families via 988. Responders are trained in crisis intervention and military culture.


To reach the Veterans Crisis Line, Veterans need to Press 1 after dialing 988. Veterans and service members who Press 1 are routed to the same trained Veterans Crisis Line responders, 24/7. The Veterans Crisis Line is also available by chat ( and text (838255). The Veterans Crisis Line’s 800 number remains operational for anyone utilizing the 10-digit number option.


The Veterans Crisis Line is evaluating a new text option for Veterans and their supporters to reach caring, qualified responders 24/7. Upon activation, Veterans will still be able to text via 838255.


The Veterans Crisis Line’s 800 number is partnered with SAMHSA’s Lifeline network and is, therefore, a Continental United States (CONUS)-based toll-free number that remains active. As such, some international calls may incur a charge, depending upon the caller’s location and network provider. Nonetheless, a Veteran overseas may contact the Veterans Crisis Line via the chat modality at If the Veteran prefers a phone call, they can request this within the chat venue. A Veterans Crisis Line responder will call them at the number they provide at no charge to the Veteran.

For active-duty personnel (, the Veterans Crisis Line is available:

  • In Japan, call 1-800-273-8255 (international calling fees will apply depending on service provider)  or DSN 988
  • In Europe, call 00800 1273 8255 or DSN 118.
  • In Korea, call 080-855-5118 or DSN 118.
  • In Afghanistan, call 00 1 800 273 8255 or DSN 111.
  • In the Philippines, call #MYVA or 02-8550-3888 and press 7
Regimental Duty Officer 645-3711
Mailroom  645-3459
Substance Abuse Control Officer 645-3418


3d Marine Logistics Group