Communication Strategy and Operations
3rd Marine Logistics Group
Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan

Organized and structured to support the commander's communication strategy with photographic, video, digital, printed products while providing operational support to enhance decision-making processes and situational awareness. The products and capabilities of 3d MLG COMMSTRAT is limited in scope to support operational commitments, while MCIPAC COMMSTRAT will be leveraged for garrison support if we do not possess adequate resources or capability.

Requesting Support

Support to 3rd MLG Subordinate Commands:

3d MLG COMMSTRAT will provide support to subordinate commands or staff sections upon request given one or more of the following achievable outcomes.

  1. Products may be leveraged to support the 3d MLG commander's communication priorities.

  2. The request supports COMMSTRAT sustainment training and readiness objectives.

  3. The request supports an operational requirement and is not personal in nature.

  4. The requested support is submitted 10 business days prior to the request support date.

*  Allocation of COMMSTRAT manpower and resources to 3rd MLG operational commitments will always take priority over service requests.


For COMMSTRAT support please use the linked document

COMMSTRAT Support Document 

Please don't forget to use one form per request type and attach any documents that can be useful in supporting the request. 

For additional information and questions, please email

Please be sure to CC at least one COMMSTRAT leader in your request;

Capt. Brett A. Vannier, 3rd Marine Logistics Group COMMSTRAT Director

CWO2 William Faffler, 3rd Marine Logistics Group COMMSTRAT Visual Information Officer

Staff Sergeant Danny Gonzalez, 3rd Marine Logistics Group COMMSTRAT SNCOIC


Any 3d Marine Logistics Group unit can request COMMSTRAT support.  All requests for support will be routed through the 3d Marine Logistics Group COMMSTRAT organizational mailbox: and will be prioritized by the SNCOIC or VIO.  For priority or urgent requests, additional coordination should occur by telephone.  Requests for support should contain the following information: 


       a.  The capability requested (photo, graphics, video, media, internal OIE support) 

       b.  5 Ws of the event/training/exercise/operation 

       c.  New/innovative or newsworthy components of the event 

       d.  Specific products requested and associated deadlines

       e.  Brief description of how coverage serves to further the Commander’s communication objectives 

       f.  Specific key publics to be reached 

       g.  Subordinate commander’s communication objectives 


Printing with DLA

COMMSTRAT cannot handle all printing requests, only business related requests. However, the Defense Logistics Agency has a facility on Okinawa to help with print jobs, both large and small - they're who we use to print as well. Below is an overview, for your reference, of the process of printing with DLA.

Step One: Preparing a request for an estimate

To begin, fill out a copy of the DLA Estimate form. This form indicates to DLA the paper size and type, the number of pages, binding, and other parameters, so they can make an informed estimate on how much your print request will cost. You can select different types of paper for the covers of your project, if applicable, and whether you want double-sided printing.

Note that for double-sided printing, "Head to head" indicates conventional double-sided printing, like the pages of a book. "Head to toe" is like a clipboard, where turning one page over along its top edge will result in both pages being right-side-up to the viewer, as depicted at right.

Step Two: Sending the estimate to DLA

Send the filled-out estimate form, along with the actual document(s) you want printed, to DLA. The contact we use at DLA is a good person to reach out to:

To aid DLA in rapid processing of your request, CC'ing the following individuals is also recommended:

The DLA building (Building 5863) is located at Camp Foster, across from the Typhoon Motors building. Their working hours are Monday through Friday, from 0715 to 1600.

Step Three: Getting the estimate to Supply

Once you receive the DLA estimate form back from Ms. Okamoto or another DLA staff member, you're ready to secure funding for your print request through your unit's Supply section. The estimate you receive back from DLA will have a signature on it, as well as two new pieces of information:

  • How much DLA estimates the print job will cost - due to the nature of the printing process, this may be different from the final cost.
  • How long DLA estimates the job will take from the day they receive the funding from Supply - this is not how long it will take from you sending the print request in for an estimate, but how long the process takes after Supply has done their part.

Send the returned estimate form from DLA, along with a digital copy of the document(s) you want printed, to your unit's Supply section. They will handle getting the funding to DLA, as appropriate, and depending on the situation, will pick up the documents from DLA themselves, once the documents are printed.

Step Four: Picking up your documents

Once Supply has provided DLA with funding, DLA will print the documents you requested. Depending on the arrangements your Supply section has made, Supply may pick up the documents themselves, or you may be able to visit DLA and pick up the documents yourself.    

For graphics requests please use the templets provided to ensure the requests will properly print.



The files for the following projects are too large to link, please contact 3rd Marine Logistics Group COMMSTRAT to obtain. 






Capt. Brett Vannier

Visual Information Officer


CWO2 William Faffler



Sgt. Christian M. Garcia

Platoon Sergeant


Cpl. Sydni Jessee

Graphics NCOIC


Cpl. Hunter Barber



LCpl. Jessi Stegall



LCpl. Rachel Mason

Photographer NCOIC


Cpl. Sydni Jessee



LCpl. Weston Brown



LCpl. Federico Marquez



LCpl. Aaliyah Hunt


3rd Marine Logistics Group
Unit 38401
FPO, AP 96380-8401
Ph:  011-81-611-737-1829

Command Deck
DSN:  315-637-2076

Group Duty Officer
DSN:  315-637-3522
Cell:  090-6861-4582

Calling from Overseas?

In Japan (recommended)

In Europe

Call 00800 1273 8255 or DSN 118

In Korea

Call 080-855-5118 or DSN 118

In Afghanistan

Call 00 1 800 273 8255 or DSN 111

In the Philippines

Dial #MYVA or 02-8550-3888 and press 7

Text Option:  838255

Chat Option

Service Members overseas may contact the crisis lifeline via the chat modality at


Frequently Asked Questions

How did 988 impact the Veterans Crisis Line?

The 988 expansion directly addressed the need for ease of access and clarity in times of crisis, both for Veterans and non-Veterans alike.

Have 988 personnel been trained specifically for Veterans?

Veterans Crisis Line responders are continuing to support Veterans, service members, and their families via 988. Responders are trained in crisis intervention and military culture.

What happens when Veterans Press 1?

To reach the Veterans Crisis Line, Veterans need to Press 1 after dialing 988. Veterans and service members who Press 1 are routed to the same trained Veterans Crisis Line responders, 24/7. The Veterans Crisis Line is also available by chat ( and text (838255). The Veterans Crisis Line’s 800 number remains operational for anyone utilizing the 10-digit number option.

Is the Veterans Crisis Line text number changing?

The Veterans Crisis Line is evaluating a new text option for Veterans and their supporters to reach caring, qualified responders 24/7. Upon activation, Veterans will still be able to text via 838255.

What happens to Veterans overseas?

The Veterans Crisis Line’s 800 number is partnered with SAMHSA’s Lifeline network and is, therefore, a Continental United States (CONUS)-based toll-free number that remains active. As such, some international calls may incur a charge, depending upon the caller’s location and network provider. Nonetheless, a Veteran overseas may contact the Veterans Crisis Line via the chat modality at If the Veteran prefers a phone call, they can request this within the chat venue. A Veterans Crisis Line responder will call them at the number they provide at no charge to the Veteran.

For active-duty personnel (, the Veterans Crisis Line is available:

  • In Japan, call 1-800-273-8255 (international calling fees will apply depending on service provider)  or DSN 988
  • In Europe, call 00800 1273 8255 or DSN 118.
  • In Korea, call 080-855-5118 or DSN 118.
  • In Afghanistan, call 00 1 800 273 8255 or DSN 111.
  • In the Philippines, call #MYVA or 02-8550-3888 and press 7

Where to find us:

Twitter: @3rdMLG

Instagram: @3dmlg_Marines

Facebook: 3rd Marine Logistics Group


Section Contact Information

Daytime DSN: 315-637-1576/3590

Location: Camp Kinser, Bldg. 107, Rm. 208


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