Combat Logistics Regiment 37
Combat Logistics Regiment 37 page for 3d Marine Logistics Group (III MEF)

CLR-37 Leaders

Commanding Officer, CLR 37

Colonel Douglas R. Burke

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Sergeant Major, CLR-37

Sgt. Maj. Jonathan E. Novak

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Provide command and control, administration, food services, and services, to the Marine Logistics Group (MLG). Serve as the forward echeloning headquarters of the MLG or as the Logistics Command Element (LCE) Headquarters for a Marine Expeditionary Brigade sized Marine Air-Ground Task Force. Provide the LCE for Marine Expeditionary Units.

Unit Contact Information:

CLR 37, 3d MLG Unit 38404
FPO, AP  96380-8404
Ph: 011-81-611-737-2505
DSN: 315-637-2505

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