3rd MLG Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Sexual Assault is a criminal act and will not be tolerated. The Marine Corps' goal is to eliminate sexual assault within the Corps and to assist those Marines and sailors assigned to Marine Corps units affected by sexual assault. 

The 3D MLG Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program provides 24/7 support and advocacy to all active duty Marines and sailors who are victims of sexual assault.

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program addresses the prevention of sexual assault through awareness, education and training.  We also ensure that all Marines who are victims of sexual assault are "treated with dignity, sensitivity, and without prejudice." 

Seeking Support

The first priority of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program is the care of Marines.  Many victims of sexual assault do not report the crime to anyone.  In order to ensure that victims get the medical treatment and support services that they need, Marines have two reporting options for sexual assault.

Restricted and Unrestricted Reporting

Restricted Reporting

If a Marine wants to receive medical treatment and support services without triggering the official investigation process, he or she can make a confidential report to any of the following individuals:

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
Uniformed Victim Advocate (UVA)
Victim Advocate
Healthcare Provider or other medical personnel

When a Marine decides to make a restricted report, they receive medical care, including the collection of evidence if indicated, and counseling without notifying command or law enforcement officials. The SARC will notify the commanding officer that an assault occurred without providing identifying information about the victim.  A Marine who elects to make a restricted report can always change to an unrestricted report.

Unrestricted Reporting

The unrestricted reporting option allows a Marine to receive medical treatment, counseling, and an official investigation of the crime.  An unrestricted report of sexual assault can be made to the following individuals:

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
Uniformed Victim Advocate (UVA)
Victim Advocate
Healthcare Provider or other medical personnel
Chain of Command
Law enforcement
Legal Personnel

Details of the incident will only be shared with personnel who have a legitimate need to know. This option allows the Marine Corps to potentially hold the offender accountable.

The term "sexual assault" is defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation, abuse of authority, or when the victim does not or cannot consent.  Sexual assault includes rape, forcible sodomy (oral or anal sex), and other unwanted sexual contact that is aggravated, abusive, or wrongful (to include unwanted and inappropriate sexual contact), or attempts to commit these acts.

"Consent" means words or overt actions indicating a freely given agreement to the sexual conduct at issue by a competent person.  An expression of lack of consent through words or conduct means there is no consent.  Lack of verbal or physical resistance or submission resulting from the accused's use of force, threat of force, or placing another person in fear does not constitute consent.  A current or previous dating relationship by itself or the manner of dress of the person involved with the accused in the sexual conduct at issue shall not constitute consent.


Jerry Laney

3rd MLG Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)

3rd Marine Logistics Group

Camp Kinser, Okinawa Japan

Email:  jerry.laney1@usmc.mil

Office: 314-637-4109

Duty Cell: 080-8368-4106

    Work Hours: 0730-1630, M-F

Okinawa 24/7 Sexual Assault Helpline:

From DSN: 645-HOPE (4673)

Non-DSN: 098-970-HOPE (4673)


Okinawa Victim Legal Counsel: 

Camp Foster: 645-4421


Okinawa Community Counseling Program(s): For information: 645-2915

Camp Kinser: Bldg. 1316

Camp Foster: Bldg. 439

Camp Courtney: Bldg. 4408

Camp Hansen: Bldg. 2394

Camp Schwab: Bldg. 3327

MCAS Futenma: Bldg. 413


Okinawa Military Medical Treatment Facility and Emergency Room: 

USNH Okinawa 

Emergency Room: 646-7311

Mental Health:  646-7135


Okinawa PMO: 

Camp Kinser: 637-1736

Camp Foster: 645-7442

Camp Courtney: 622-9390

Camps Hansen/Schwab: 623-4165

MCAS Futenma: 636-3140

AFB Kadena: 634-2475


Okinawa NCIS: 

Camp Foster: 645-0213





MCAS Iwakuni 24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line:



MCAS Iwakuni 24/7 Domestic Violence Support Line:



MCAS Iwakuni Chaplain 24/7 Support Line:



MCAS Iwakuni Marine & Family Programs:

Community Counseling Program



MCAS Iwakuni Military Medical Treatment Facility:



MCAS Iwakuni PMO:



MCAS Iwakuni NCIS:



MCAS Iwakuni Victims’ Legal Counsel:






MCBH 24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line:



MCBH Marine & Family Programs: Bldg. 216

Family Advocacy Program 808-257-7708/8803

Community Counseling Program 808-257-7780/8803

Substance Abuse Program 808-257-3900


MCBH PMO: Bldg. 1096



MCBH NCIS: Bldg. 1096



MCBH CID: Bldg. 1096



MCBH Legal Services Support Center: Bldg. 215



MCBH Victim Witness Assistance Program: Bldg. 215



MCBH Victims’ Legal Counsel: Bldg. 455 


The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator is available to provide training on sexual assault prevention and response.


1st Lt. Mark Vowels

CLR-37 (3rd MLG) Victim Advocate

DSN: 315-637-2701

Jerry Laney

Command SARC, 3rd MLG

D-SAACP (LA-4732-1881)

Bldg 110, RM 203

Unit 38401

FPO, AP 96380

DSN: 315-637-4109

Duty Cell: 080-8368-4106

DoD Safe Helpline: 1-877-995-5247


MCB, Camp Butler

24/7 Sexual Assault Help Line:

098-970-HOPE (4673)

3d Marine Logistics Group