Combat Logistics Battalion 4


Combat Logistics Battalion 4


Camp Foster, OKINAWA

Sergeant Major Jerry M. Flammang was born in December 1972 in Norristown Pennsylvania shortly after birth his family moved to Boyd Texas. SgtMaj Flammang remained in Texas until he joined the Marine Corps and left for recruit training in January 1995 as a 03XX. While at Recruit Training SgtMaj Flammang held the Guide and Squad Leader billets and prior to graduating, he was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Private First Class.                                                                                                                                                                                          

                      SgtMaj Flammang then reported to the School of Infantry where he was assigned the 0311 MOS and went on to learn the basic skills needed to become a rifleman.  After graduating from the School of Infantry, he received orders to Echo Company 2nd BN 3rd Marines Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. Soon after reporting for duty SgtMaj Flammang made his first UDP to Okinawa Japan and was promoted to Lance Corporal. Upon his return to Hawaii he was made a fire team leader and two months later was made first Squad Leader. It was soon after becoming a Squad Leader that he was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Corporal. SgtMaj Flammang spent the next year training the Marines of his squad getting them ready for their next deployment. After returning from their second Okinawan deployment SgtMaj Flammang received orders sending him to Ground Defense Security Forces Guantanamo Bay Cuba. After checking in SgtMaj Flammang was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and served a long year tour as a Guard Section Leader.                   

                     SgtMaj Flammang re-enlisted for the first time in Guantanamo Bay Cuba; he then received orders directing him to Recruiters School at MCRD San Diego Ca.  After graduating the Basic Recruiters Course SgtMaj Flammang was sent to Recruiting Station Dallas and was soon assigned to Recruiting Sub Station Dallas South to work as a canvassing recruiter. He was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant in July 2002 for his service as a canvassing recruiter.

                            In August of 2002 SgtMaj Flammang was assigned to 2nd BN 5th Marines Fox Company 1st Platoon as a Platoon Sergeant. For the next few months SgtMaj Flammang trained his Platoon for the impending war in Iraq. In January 2003 he deployed to Kuwait, with Regimental Combat Team Five, 1st Marine Division.  SgtMaj Flammang led his Platoon through Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Stabilization Operations that followed. SgtMaj Flammang was awarded a Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal with “V” for outstanding achievement as a Platoon Sergeant under fire.   SgtMaj Flammang returned to the U.S. in August of 2003 and attended the Infantry Unit Leaders Course, placing in the top 5 of the class. After graduation SgtMaj Flammang returned to Fox Company and began training his platoon for their next deployment to Iraq. After seven months of training 2nd BN 5th Marines deployed again to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom II B.  SgtMaj Flammang led his platoon on countless patrols through the densely populated urban areas of Al Ramadi Iraq.  Observation Posts Commander and Quick Reaction Force Commander were daily duties while in Iraq and after returning to the U.S. SgtMaj Flammang received orders sending him back to recruiting duty to fill the billet of NCOIC RSS Texarkana Tx.. SgtMaj Flammang was promoted to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant on 1 April 2006.

                            After completing a successful tour of duty as the NCOIC of RSS Texarkana SgtMaj Flammang received orders sending him to 1st Battalion 8th Marines 2D MarDiv. Upon checking in SgtMaj Flammang was assigned to Weapons Company as the CAAT 2 Platoon Sergeant and after the completion of pre deployment training 1st Battalion 8th Marines deployed to Alasad Iraq to provide a mobile security force protecting military and civilian air liners landing on the air base.  While deployed SgtMaj Flammang acted as the Company Operations Chief and CAAT 2 Platoon Sergeant. After completing a 7 month deployment the Battalion redeployed back to Camp Lejeune NC.

                          SgtMaj Flammang was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant on November 1 2009 and in late November he checked into Tango Battery 5th Battalion 10th Marines.  While serving with 10th Marines SgtMaj Flammang participated in multiple Regimental operations (Rolling Thunder) where Tango Battery was named the Top Gun in the Regiment. SgtMaj Flammang continued to serve as the Battery 1stSgt until March 2011. 

                             In April 2011 SgtMaj Flammang check into 2D Battalion 23D Marines 4th MarDiv as the Inspector-Instructor 1stSgt for Headquarters and Service Company.  While stationed with 2/23 SgtMaj Flammang taught, led, and mentored active and reserve Marines. He also served as the primary coordinator for all Military Funeral Honors and community relation.

                            In November 2013 SgtMaj Flammang was selected to his current rank and received orders directing him to his new station as Battalion Sergeant Major of Combat Logistics Battalion 4.  SgtMaj Flammang then attended the Sergeants Majors course on April 28 2014.



           On 25 June 2014 Sergeant Major Flammang checked in to CLB 4 and is currently serving as the Battalion Sergeant Major.