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Combat Logistics Battalion 3


Kaneohe Bay, HAWAII
To provide direct support tactical logistics to 3rd Marine Regiment beyond its organic capabilities in the areas of transportation, intermediate level supply, field level maintenance, and general engineering.  CLB-3 also provides general support to all 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force units within the area of operations.
Command Staff



 Battalion Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Colonel Justin R. Reiman
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 Battalion Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major James D. Vealey
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OOD 808-257-1600
S-1 808-257-1600
S-2 808-257-2011
S-4 808-257-2118
S-6 808-257-0047
HSC 808-257-1550
MSC 808-257-5665
TSC 808-257-5989
ESC 808-257-2338
CLC-35 808-257-5727
FRO  808-257-2514