Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness



    3D Maintenance Battalion has been charged with a critical mission, in a critical location, at a critical time in our Nation’s history. We are in a forward deployed combat battalion and are responsible for the equipment readiness of the most critical force in the Pacific.

    We cannot afford to have a single Marine or Sailor in our battalion at anything less than 100%. Support to our families and single Marines are integral to ensuring this high state of mental, physical and spiritual readiness is possible.

    Our mission is critical and our duty requires dedication and a consistently high level of intensity. Readiness is the first and most important component of an expeditionary force – this includes personal AND family readiness. The 3D Maintenance Battalion Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program will provide resources, events and assistance to ensure the highest levels of personal and family readiness.

    As critical as our families are, we must not forget our single Marines. These Marines are often simultaneously: learning what it takes to be a Fleet Marine, acquiring new skills, living away from home for the first time and doing all this overseas. Our program will help these Marines integrate into their new units and enjoy their new host country.

Three ways we will strive to achieve personal and family readiness:

Education: Ensuring that all Marines and families are aware of the myriad programs that exist to help almost any situation.

Events: We will have Company, Battalion and Community Service events that are fun and build camaraderie and friendships that last.

Communication: We will use E-Marine, Facebook, and other resources to make sure information to our families and Marines is accurate, timely and personalized. Communication will also be geared toward our extended Marine families at home (parents, siblings, etc.).

    The 3D Maintenance Battalion Family Readiness Officer is Christin Kardos. She is a valued asset to the Battalion and, as a member of our Command team, her information will always be timely and accurate. You may contact Chris at 637-5665 or christin.kardos@usmc.mil.

                                                                                                      J.A. Beaudoin

                                                                                  Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

                                                                            Commanding Officer, 3D Maintenance Battalion

3d Marine Logistics Group