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3D Marine Logistics Group


3D Marine Logistics Group

Sustaining The Pacific

Okinawa, Japan

    Hazing and sexual assault are crimes that strike at the fabric of our Core Values, individual and unit readiness, and the very foundation of the bonds of brotherhood. Crimes such as this dishonor us all, and will not be tolerated in 3d MLG. I will use every means available to prevent, and to prosecute to the fullest extent, any and all acts of this kind.

    Hazing is defined as any conduct whereby a military member, without proper authority, causes another military member to suffer or be exposed to any activity which is cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning, or harmful. Soliciting or coercing another to perform hazing is hazing. Simply put, hazing is purposely demeaning another for sport and perverse pleasure.

    Sexual assault is defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation, or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent. Sexual assaults can occur without regard to gender, spousal relationship, or age of the victim, and research consistently shows that the abuse of alcohol is a common precursor to most assaults. All Marines and sailors are required to report any indication that a sexual assault has occurred. Like hazing, sexual assault is about power- the power to demean another. I view sexual assault as a violation of the sacred trust and bond between warriors.

    We have chosen a life that matters. Preserve your honor by NEVER allowing these types of behavior to occur anywhere in our ranks. I charge every Marine and Sailor in 3d MLG with actively PREVENTING any and all acts of hazing or sexual assault. Look out for each other, protect each other and yourselves. Should you become aware of anything that even remotely meets the definitions above ACT to prevent, and then immediately inform your chain of command.