Welcome Aboard
Welcome Aboard page for 3d Marine Logistics Group (III MEF)

Welcome to 3d Maintenance Battalion (The Premier Maintenance Capability in the Pacific) Congratulations on your upcoming assignment to 3d Maintenance Battalion, 3d Marine Logistics Group. It is an exciting time to serve in the Pacific and we are confident your upcoming tour in Okinawa will be personally and professionally rewarding.

Our battalion provides general support, task organized direct support, and field maintenance support for Marine Corps furnished tactical ordnance, engineer, motor transport, communications-electronics and general support equipment of III Marine Expeditionary Force.  During your time with 3d Maintenance Battalion, you can expect to serve in many roles, whether it be within your unique military specialty or as a representative of our great nation to the people of Okinawa. Make no mistake, your actions are directly linked to strategic relationships throughout the region.

Marine Corps Community Services offers a wide range of cultural trips, social events, and support activities. The Single Marine Program is strong and the volunteer network is bigger and better than anywhere we have ever seen.

To help ease your transition, we have assigned a sponsor who can answer questions you or your family may have. Upon arrival, your sponsor will help you check-in and assist with anything your family may need as they settle in. Please dialog with your sponsor and keep us informed of your plans so we can be ready for your arrival, thereby ensuring a smooth orientation to life "on island." In addition to your sponsor, the Sponsorship Coordinator, Deployment Readiness Coordinator, and the Unit Readiness Coordinator stand ready to help you and your family.

Sponsorship Coordinator: I stLt Kathryn L. Hughes, kathryn.hughes@usmc.mil Unit Readiness Coordinator: SSgt Justin B. Golden, justin.b.golden@usmc.mil Deployment Readiness Coordinator: Mrs. Rachel Macy, rachel.macy@okinawa.usmc-mccs.org You can visit our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/3dMaintBn

Our promise to every Marine, Sailor, and family member in 3d Maintenance Battalion is that we will strive every day to help set conditions for you to succeed - succeed in your mission, to be effective at home and work, and build an organizational culture fortified around teams where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Sergeant Major Smith and I look forward to serving with you.