Submit a Complaint

The office of the Inspector General can not duplicate the process that has already been initiated by any other IG office or by Congress. Please continue to lodge your complaint with your point of contact within the appropriate IG or congressional Office.

Tips for filing a Hotline Complaint with the Inspector General

Matters Inappropriate for the Inspector General

  • Give the chain of command an opportunity to resolve the issue.
  • Be completely honest with the Inspector General.
  • The Inspector General cannot change regulations or statutes.
  • The Inspector General is not a commander.
  • The Inspector General is not a commander.
  • The Inspector General can only resolve a case based on provable facts.
  • Do not expect immediate results.
  • Criminal Matters
  • Sexual Assault Matters
  • Equal Opportunity Matters
  • Prohibited Activities and Conduct (Hazing, Bullying, etc.)
  • Issues with other forms of redress, such as: NJP's, ADSEP Processes, and Legal Matters (Law Enforcement Investigations, Courts Martial, etc.)

*Important Note*

If you have already made contact with your political representative (i.e. Senator, Member of Congress), please allow that process to continue. Although you can still speak with the Inspector General if you so desire, the Inspector General is unable to duplicate actions that have already been initiated by a political representative.




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