Request Mast

Purpose: Request for mast is the officially recognized means of communication, to express grievances or seek assistance, between members assigned to 3d Marine Logistics Group (MLG), and the officers in the members chain of command.

Read the MCO 1700.23G and the 3d MLGO 1700.1S CH 1 pertaining to the request for mast process, before submitting your request for mast.

Understand that the request for mast process requires that all officers in the chain of command be afforded an opportunity to assist the requestor. However, this does not mean that the contents of the request for mast must be discussed or revealed to any officer other than the officer that the request for mast is addressed to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can Request for Mast?

A: All uniformed personnel within 3d MLG, regardless of service!

Q: Why can the Inspector General review my request for mast, even when it is in a sealed envelope addressed to the Commanding General (CG)?

A: The CG of 3d MLG has delegated authority, to the Inspector General (IG), to review all requests for mast addressed to the CG. However, all actions that address the request for mast are directed by the CG.

 Maj Veronica Tijerina

Inspector General

MSgt Zachary Augustine

Deputy Inspector General 

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