Pay Section FAQ

Q.  What is Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)?

A.  TLA is an allowance generally paid to accompanied members departing Okinawa who resided in government housing (not BOQ/BEQ) or housing in the local community.  Departure TLA is authorized to partially reimburse members for the extraordinary expense stemming from the use of temporary lodging in conjunction with a PCS from Okinawa.  The amount payable will be the cost of lodging plus the current M&IE rate for Okinawa.  The maximum period for departure TLA is 4 days when departing government quarters and 10 days when departing housing in the local community.  Extensions will be granted on a case by case basis, requests must be made to the Commander, Marine Corps Bases Japan via the MCB Finance Office.


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Q.  If I'm about to PCS, when can I request Advance Pay?

A.  Disbursing can pay advance pay up to 30 days prior to departure from Okinawa.  Advance pay requests should be routed through your Personnel Administration Center (CPAC/IPAC) with sufficient time for processing and forwarding to Disbursing.  Requests outside of normal parameters must be approved by the requester's Commanding Officer.  The following are normal parameters:

        -  1 month advance with a 12 month payback for E-4's and above

        -  Anything beyond normal parameters or requests for E-3's and below must be

            accompanied by approval from the CO


Q.  What is Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)?

A. Overseas COLA is an allowance paid to all service members stationed on Okinawa.  Inbound personnel will either receive overseas COLA with dependents, overseas COLA without dependents, or overseas COLA barracks.  This allowance is based on a price index and is set using current exchange rates. Overseas COLA can and often does fluctuate monthly as the dollar strengthens and weakens against the Yen.  You can use the overseas COLA Rate Query link to check your specific allowance.  For more information concerning overseas COLA allowances follow the FAQ link below.


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Q.  What is Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)?

A.  OHA is paid to members who are authorized to reside in the local community.  OHA serves the same purpose as BAH, however there are several key differences.  OHA is only payable up to your written lease amount.  Dual active duty will split the allowance in half.  The link below can help you check your current OHA rental ceiling.


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