All Marines are required to have an active myPay account as of 1 October 2005.  myPay is a

great tool for Marines to take control of their of their pay.  Marine can view/change the following via myPay:

-  Leave and Earning Statements (LES)
-  W2 Tax Statements
-  W4 Federal Withholding

-  State Withholding

-  Travel Settlement Vouchers

-  Allotments

-  Direct Deposit

-  Savings Bonds

There are two options to choose from when requesting a myPay pin, through the Defense

Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) or the III MEF Disbursing Office.  The directions are as follows:


Option 1 (from DFAS)

Option 2 (from III MEF Disbursing)


-  Must have an updated government e-mail address on you CAC identification card (can be obtained from your local I.D. Car Center)

-  Download the myPay PIN request form

-  Go to the myPay website

-  Complete the form, and attach a copy of your ID card to the form

-  Click the "New PIN" button located on the left

-  Submit the form to III MEF Disbursing by:

-  Enter your Social Security Number, then click the "YES" button to have a new random temporary PIN MAILED/EMAILED

-  dropping it off, Building 5714 (Camp Foster)

-  Click "Navy Email from Common Access Card (CAC) Address, then click "Accept/Submit"

-  e-mailing it to the 3d MLG myPay inbox

-  Your new myPay PIN should arrive at your government e-mail address within 24 hours

-  Your new myPay PIN can be picked up from the Disbursing Office within minutes or it will arrive at your government e-mail address within 24 hours

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