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3rd Marine Logistics Group


3rd Marine Logistics Group

Sustaining the Pacific

III MEF Disbursing Office


 "Provide disbursing capabilities in support of the III MEF mission and to joint and combined forces, as directed, in order to enable Marine Corps requirements throughout the Indo-Pacific area of operations."      



Disbursing Officer                               Assistant Disbursing Officer                         Disbursing Chief

LtCol Jamahl K. Evans                        Capt Trae A. Mann                                    MGySgt Terrence E. Mingo

DSN Phone: 315-645-7028                   DSN Phone: 315-645-7041                       DSN Phone: 315-645-7255

jamahl.evans@usmc.mil                     trae.mann@usmc.mil                               terrence.mingo@usmc.mil



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Hours of Operations

Mon, Wed, Thu, Friday: 0730-1630

Tue: 0730-1300