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III MEF Disbursing Office Pay Section

            Pay OIC: Penney 1stLt Erin

            Phone: (DSN) 315-645-3062

            Email: erin.penney@usmc.mil 

            Customer Service

            Phone: DSN (315)-645-2600/2601






BAH Calculator   

   Overseas Cost of Living Allowance Calculator  


 Marine Online


  DODFMR Vol. A Ch. 7


  Overseas Housing Allowance Calculator

 For Accessing PAANs, select "Finance" then select "PAAN" NOTE: This will require CAC Email Certificate Access


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my pay change every payday?


A. During your tour on Okinawa your pay may change from payday to payday. The main reason for fluctuation is the change in the yen rate. COLA and OHA can be, and often are, adjusted twice a month based on the value of the dollar compared to yen. 

- Members receiving OHA will receive an amount equal to their lease regardless of the yen rate not to exceed their maximum OHA entitlement by rank. 

. Example:


- Exchange rate is 75 yen to the dollar (weak dollar)

 - Member's rent is 100,000 yen and his maximum entitlement is 120,000 yen/month.

 - Member will receive 1,333.33 dollars to cover the lease plus the monthly recurring utility allowance


- Exchange rate is 120 yen to the dollar (strong dollar)

 - Member's rent is 100,000 yen and his/her maximum entitlement is 120,000 yen/month.

 - Member will receive 833.33 dollars to cover lease plus the monthly recurring utility allowance 

Q. I received an advance for OHA, but now I'm living in government housing. What do I do with the money I received?

 A. Be advised that if you move from the local community to government housing and you have an OHA advance the remaining balance becomes payable in full the day you move into government quarters and will be deducted from your first available pay period.

Q. If I was issued accompanied orders and my family elects not to execute orders to Okinawa with me, how does that affect my military pay?

 A. You will not be authorized entitlement of FSA at any period during your tour of duty on Okinawa. Additionally, if you do not obtain a modification to orders changing your tour to unaccompanied and you reside in the barracks you are not entitled to any housing allowance.

 Q. How many days of TLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance) do I rate upon arrival to Okinawa?

 A. Members arriving overseas will rate a maximum of 30 days of TLA under normal circumstances.  Most periods will not take the entire 30 days because quarters on base or out in town are currently available to be moved into in a timely manner. If quarters are not available, the initial 10 days of TLA will be settled and as long as you can prove that you are aggressively searching for housing, the additional 10 days are granted. For special circumstances, any requests for over 30 days of TLA, then a formal TLA extension is required for payment.

 Q. If I am active duty and am married to an active duty spouse, do we both rate TLA?

 A. Yes, both active duty members will receive payment if both members arrive at the same date. However, both members will not receive full payment of the lodging expenses.


- Sgt Marine, John name is solely listed on the lodging receipt. He will be reimbursed at 100% for the lodging cost.


- Both Sgt Marine John and Sgt Marine Jane's name appears on the lodging receipt. The reimbursement will be split equally between them upon reimbursement.

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