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Supporting the Fleet | Marine Depot Maintenance Command deploys in support of 3d Maintenance Battalion
7 Dec 2020

For the Marines of 3d Maintenance Battalion, 3d Marine Logistics Group, providing maintenance support to all of III Marine Expeditionary Force is critical to ensuring III MEF remains ready to fight now.

However, for repair and tech support beyond 3d Maintenance Battalion’s on-island capability, Marine Depot Maintenance Command stands ready to support the Fleet Marine Force.

Based out of Albany, Georgia, MDMC is the Marine Corps’ organic ground combat maintenance depot, responsible for providing worldwide depot-level maintenance support to the FMF. As part of the larger Marine Corps Logistics Command enterprise, commonly referred to across the Fleet as “LOGCOM” – MDMC is postured to provide rapid response, adaptive maintenance, and technical solutions around the world, extending the operational reach, prolonging endurance, and enabling freedom of action for the FMF by providing task-organized deployable depot capability.

In October 2020, MDMC deployed one of their Calibration Contract Teams to Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan, to perform specialized calibration of 3d Maintenance Battalion’s general-purpose mechanical test equipment.

“Marine Fleet calibration facilities do not possess all the required specialized calibration equipment, space, or power required to support all general-purpose mechanical test equipment throughout the Marine Corps, so support from MDMC is crucial to helping us accomplish our mission,” explained Gunnery Sergeant Joshua Gibson, the calibrations maintenance chief with 3d Maintenance Battalion’s General Support Maintenance Company.

During their deployment, civilians of MDMC’s CCT partnered with 3d MLG’s communication strategy and operations Marines to produce instructional videos for future use by the 3d Maintenance Battalion. According to Schyler Yacono, MDMC Test Measure and Diagnostic Equipment Division Manager, this demonstrates the importance of MDMC and their ability to directly support the FMF.

“We maintain a deployable posture here at MDMC so we can respond quickly to the needs of the FMF,” said Yacono. “This recent support we provided to III MEF is a great example of our expeditionary capabilities here at MDMC and the readiness we provide to the FMF. Really, that’s what it’s all about.”

3rd MLG, based out of Okinawa, Japan, is a forward-deployed combat unit that serves as III Marine Expeditionary Force’s comprehensive logistics and combat service support backbone for operations throughout the Indo-Pacific area of responsibility.

3d Marine Logistics Group