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3rd Marine Logistics Group


3rd Marine Logistics Group

Sustaining the Pacific

3d MLG News
The parts that make the whole | How one Marine appreciates the logistics in life and the Corps August 19, 2019
Squeeze to Talk | CLR-37 Marines employ machine guns while strengthening communication skills August 19, 2019
Chute! There it is! | 3rd TSB Marines train with the JPADS June 13, 2019
Communication is key | Staff Sgt. Arnold sets up network for 3rd MLG during MEFEX 19 June 13, 2019
No harder duty, no greater honor | USMC mortuary affairs June 13, 2019
Road Warrior | 3rd MLG Marine receives the MT Operator of the year award June 13, 2019
Save a life, Save a family February 22, 2019
Securing the bag | 3rd MLG Marines with Bulk Fuel Co. assemble fuel farms February 6, 2019
Boating School Knock-outs| Combat Engineers earn BEB licenses February 6, 2019
Send It | LS Co. completes helicopter support team training February 6, 2019